Why Choose Us?

Global high-tech reach, with a personal human touch.

We understand the industry and we have the expansive network to meet any and all staffing challenges. Big or small, your company will be treated with the same high level personal commitment from our team. And with our multifaceted menu of services, there will be no need for you to rely on more than one agency to accomplish all your tasks.

What do our clients consider the CareerAve advantage?

We know the industry, we have the contacts and the experience, and we’re committed to complete client satisfaction. Here’s why our clients stay with us and keep coming back:

Global Industry Leaders

CareerAve leadership has direct hands-on experience and SME in all facets of recruiting, including: contingency search, executive search, staffing, corporate, MSP and consulting.


We’re dedicated to long-term relationships and retention of clients. More than 90% of our clients are repeat or referred by others. Some of which have engaged our services quarter over quarter for the past 4 years to provide on going critical support and solutions.

Proven Success

Our client references span across fortune 50 to the pre IPO start up and our commitment to talent optimization is the same. To ensure our strategic recruiting solutions meet and mirror the needs of the overall business strategy.


Our staff and consultants are valued employees. We give them the support and tools they need to succeed and assign an attentive resource manager to make sure they achieve the goals of our clients.

Value Add

We are a full-service partner and can address your current anticipated and future needs. We’re in it for the long haul, in any capacity that arises.

How can CareerAve’s interim resource augmentation help your organization?

Add us to your team! The benefits to you include:

  • Finding you key talent on a short- to medium-term basis
  • Scale, flex, introduce expertise, and partner with either onsite or offsite resources
  • Complement your existing talent acquisition and management capability
  • Deliver additional capacity during peaks in activity
  • Access the thought leadership, tools and expertise
  • Bypass internal headcount restrictions

Our Services

CareerAve is your talent-acquisition authority.


Recruiting Process Outsourcing frees up your internal resources to focus on other things. Let us take the wheel instead, and use our global strategies of talent-acquisition solutions to find the right people to fit your needs.

Contingency Search

Contingency Search means you pay only when we find you a successful hire! Let our team of industry experts source, screen, qualify and close key hires for you.

Executive Search

Executive search recruiting is the focus of our business. Tell us your goals and desired leadership characteristics and competencies, and we’ll attract and retain the top industry talent your company wants.

We also provide other wide-ranging solutions to your business needs:

Recruiter On Demand (ROD)

Sometimes all you need is one or two additional recruiting resources to help your team with a specific staffing demand. That’s where ROD comes into play! We can provide recruiters, sourcers, coordinators or a combination, to create a custom solution to your immediate or short-term recruiting needs.


Let us provide your company with a complete program to handle all the processes related to your contingent workforce – procurement, selection, compliance, tracking, payment, invoicing and reporting. CareerAve utilizes a proprietary vendor management system, called eVMS. This is a supplier-funded program with little to no cost to our client.

Payroll Services

When you find the temporary talent you need, but want to ensure employment compliance is in place, we can be the employer of record and support you and your contractor while on assignment.



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